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Information for professionals who work with children and families

Professionals who work with children and families, such as teachers, doctors and police, and who have concerns about a family can refer them to Family and Child Connect for help. Family and Child Connect also provides information and advice to anyone, including families who feel they need help, who is seeking assistance for children and families.

A Child Safety principal child protection practitioner is based at each Family and Child Connect to assist with identifying and responding to more serious concerns that may require statutory intervention.

A specialist domestic and family violence practitioner also works with each Family and Child Connect to advise and assist on domestic and family violence matters.

Referring to Family and Child Connect

When a referral is made to Family and Child Connect, an initial assessment of the concern is undertaken and a range of responses are considered. These responses may include:

Information and advice

Family and Child Connect provides information and advice to the referrer on how they may respond. This may include advice on how to keep the family engaged and information on local support services that may be of help.

Referral to a support service

Family and Child Connect assists the referrer to refer the family to a support service. The service may assist the referrer to gain the family's consent to the referral, and facilitate engagement between the referrer and the support service to ensure a smooth process.

Active engagement and referral to Intensive Family Support services

Where families have multiple or complex needs, Family and Child Connect engages them in a more detailed needs assessment and seeks their consent to be referred to an Intensive Family Support service.

Making a report to Child Safety

If Family and Child Connect receives information to suggest that a child may be in need of protection, a report will be made to Child Safety. The principal child protection practitioner based at Family and Child Connect can assist to identify concerns that should be reported to Child Safety and facilitate this reporting process.

Local level alliance

Family and Child Connect leads local level alliances of government and non-government services within the community to ensure vulnerable children and families receive the right mix of services at the right time.

Where can you find Family and Child Connect ?

Family and Child Connect can visit a family at home or at a place that is mutually convenient and safe to talk.

Anyone can refer a family to Family and Child Connect for help, by completing an online referral form.