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Family and Child Connect is a free service to help you with the challenges of parenthood.

We can connect you to local services that can help with:
  • managing your child's behaviour
  • building better family relationships
  • stopping any violence at home
  • budgeting and managing money
  • alcohol, drug or gambling problems
  • housing, health care or other community or government services

Who can contact Family and Child Connect?

Anyone can contact Family and Child Connect for advice and information, including parents, grandparents, other family members and young people.

If your family needs help, you can contact us directly.

People such as doctors, nurses, teachers and police are also there to help families.

If they are concerned about your situation, they can let us know that you might need some help.

Is there a limit to the help I can receive?

You can contact Family and Child Connect as often as you need. There is no limit and no cost.

We may be able to help you in a single phone call, or by taking more time getting to know your family?s situation and connecting you to the right services that can help.

Through Family and Child Connect, you can also work with a domestic violence support worker.

In some areas, there are family support services run by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations. Most family support services can offer families the choice of working with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander family support worker.

Where can you find Family and Child Connect ?

Family and Child Connect can visit a family at home or at a place that is mutually convenient and safe to talk.

Anyone can refer a family to Family and Child Connect for help, by completing an online referral form.